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1. Riverbed releases Chinese ship hidden for 160 years. Photos show the stunning cargo
2. Herschel Walker accuser details 6-year relationship with Senate hopeful, pregnancies, abortion
3. Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership — here's why it doesn't have mass shootings
4. Trump claims minorities thrived during his presidency. Advocates disagree.
5. US Sen. Lindsey Graham questioned in Georgia election probe
6. Caroline Ellison rose to the top job at Alameda Research while leaving behind a trail of online hot takes about crypto, race science, and polyamory. Here are some of her most striking quotes.
7. Supreme Court OKs handover of Trump tax returns to Congress
8. An MMA fighter notorious for ballooning in weight says there's 'no rocket science' in losing 50 pounds in a matter of months
9. Russian Fury After Top Putin Official Is Booted From Diplomats Meeting
10. Review: Wrenching and riveting, 'The Son' leaves you shaken
11. Mike Pompeo Names 'The Most Dangerous Person In The World' And It's A Surprise
12. US citizen on the run after killing multiple prostitutes after sex in Mexico, officials say
13. DeSantis Reverses Massive Trump Advantage in Iowa, Takes Lead in Caucus Poll
14. Georgia Senate runoff: Poll shows leader in crucial showdown between Sen. Warnock and Herschel Walker
15. Kari Lake's 'Fawning' Tweet Hints At Her Next Career Hope, Twitter Users Say
16. Marine who dumped thousands of rounds of stolen ammo loses appeal
17. Court seems skeptical of Trump claims in Mar-a-Lago case
18. Man pulled over for window tint violation killed; police footage released
19. Cartoonists honor 'Peanuts' creator in Saturday funny pages
20. Hundreds of Arizona Households Set to Be Without Water by End of Year
21. The La Brea Tar Pits are full of mysteries. Here are three of the most puzzling
22. Slavery's ghost haunts cotton gin factory's transformation
23. Ukraine searches monastic complex, prompts anger in Moscow
24. Mike Pence Is Asked If Trump Is A 'Good Man' And His Swerving Answer Says It All
25. Mobilized in Luhansk Oblast dressed in uniforms of killed or wounded
26. Bob Iger needs to fix Disney's 'Star Wars' problem
27. Iran media blames humiliating World Cup loss on protests
28. Analysis: Russell Wilson trade looks like Herschel Walker's
29. ‘Hateful’: Critics Rip Tucker Carlson’s Response To LGBTQ Nightclub Shooting
30. US tech layoffs: India workers face painful exit from the US
31. Popular TV anchor with more than 1 million social media followers leaving Fresno
32. Todd and Julie Chrisley made an emotional plea for mercy at their sentencing — but the judge could 'not ignore the greed and flamboyance in this case'
33. Jay Leno Poses For Photo After 10-Day Hospital Stay For Serious Burn Injuries
34. Australian woman speaks out after a man — who she alleges broke into her home, raped her, and sent an apology text for doing 'the most heinous thing possible' — was found not guilty
35. California cyclist has standoff with mountain lion on trail. Watch what happened
36. ‘Final Crushing Blow’: Putin’s Men Scramble Over Feared Crimea Blitz
37. He was out digging for treasures on a Florida beach. Then came the plane, video shows
38. Woman convicted of storming Pelosi's office in Jan. 6 attack
39. 'They kill him slowly': Russian dissident Navalny endures brutal conditions in penal colony
40. SEC Network Could've Had A Will Smith Oscar Moment After Analyst Makes Distasteful Joke About Colleague's Wife
41. JFK assassination: Photos from Star-Telegram vault of chaos in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963
42. Idaho stabbing victim's family says cops wasted their time looking into her ex-boyfriend who she called on the night of her murder
43. Miami man charged after shooting lover who knocked on door as he was with stripper
44. Bruce Springsteen addresses his ticket prices that reached $5,000 amid Taylor Swift concert sale disaster: 'Most of our tickets are totally affordable'
45. Copy of Hunter Biden laptop data appears genuine, independent experts find
46. ‘Upsetting’ discovery made in belly of whale on Nova Scotia beach, researchers say
47. ‘Master of Silly Business’ among 5 dead in Colorado shooting
48. Activists: Iranian forces unleash heavy fire on protesters
49. Adam Schiff slams Kevin McCarthy after he promises to remove 3 prominent Dems from their committees: 'He will do whatever Marjorie Taylor Greene wants him to do'
50. New developments emerge in Idaho college students murders