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1. Debris field found in search for missing F-35 in South Carolina, officials say
2. DA identifies man who died after incident in stands during Patriots-Dolphins game at Gillette
3. Family says 14-year-old daughter discovered phone taped to back of toilet seat on flight to Boston
4. Viral ‘Instagram Famous’ Influencer Morgan Osman Denies Claims She Was ‘Kicked Off’ Plane, Says She Asked to Leave to Avoid ‘Turning Violent’
5. Buffalo Bills fan found naked, covered in human waste after falling down hole by Highmark Stadium
6. Migrants burst into southern Mexico asylum office demanding papers
7. Joe Biden Is Right About Merrick Garland’s Job Performance
8. A look at recent vintage aircraft crashes following a deadly collision at the Reno Air Races
9. 'Disgusted beyond words': Canadians react after body cam reveals cop laughed at death of Indian woman
10. FBI chief says China has bigger hacking program than the competition combined
11. Stellantis could close 18 facilities under UAW deal — here are the full details of its latest offer
12. Trump asks why Republicans haven’t moved to oust Biden under 25th Amendment
13. Canada expels Indian diplomat as it investigates India's possible link to Sikh activist's slaying
14. Surveillance video shows brutal attack on cashier in gas station robbery
15. She’s been at CA aquarium since before WWII. Now she’s world’s oldest aquarium fish
16. What is that white line at the bottom of iPhone screens used for?
17. Man Arrested for Allegedly Torturing and Trying to Kill Dog in Desert
18. ‘I Couldn’t Recognize Her’: Family of Model Found Dead In Downtown Los Angeles Says She Was Discovered with Leg Up In ‘Gruesome’ Scene Days After Telling Friends That She Was Going on Date
19. 'Money has no utility to me': Warren Buffett says owning more houses or having a boat means nothing to him — here's 1 thing he values more than money and how you can use it, too
20. 6-year-old fighting for life after Texas man bashed his head with baseball bat
21. Republicans propose spending $614M in public funds on Milwaukee Brewers' stadium upgrades
22. Popular women's clothing retailer files bankruptcy, closes stores
23. A missing F-35 stealth fighter may have kept flying after its pilot ejected. A pilotless Soviet jet once flew 500 miles before crashing in NATO territory.
24. Watch: Sharpshooter Makes a Perfect Shot on a Coyote That's Attacking a Sheep
25. Russian Submarine Shows Massive Damage After Ukrainian Strike
26. Rape and Murder of 9-Year-Old Georgia Girl Solved—After 51 Years
27. Mexican president defends inclusion of Russian military contingent in Independence parade
28. ‘They’ll walk straight into jail cells’: California says it will spend $267M to crack down on smash-and-grab robberies in retail stores — but will it stave off the national 'growing threat'?
29. ‘It Was Totally Unprovoked’: Woman Drags 13-Year-Old to the Floor In Vicious Random Attack In Los Angeles McDonald’s While Onlookers Just Stand By and Film
30. Palmdale man, 29, arrested in killing of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer
31. Ex-Landlord of White Woman Caught on Camera Telling Black Postal Worker She’s ‘Not Equal’ Says He Had to Call Cops on Her More Than 40 times In a Year
32. Bulgarian army destroys explosives on drone that landed in Black Sea resort
33. Marjorie Taylor Greene Demanded 'Etiquette And Respect’ And You Know What Happened
34. 2 years ago, the Taliban banned girls from school. It’s a worsening crisis for all Afghans
35. Dashcam footage captures instant karma moment for obnoxious truck driver: ‘That was so satisfying to see’
36. A Black student was suspended for his hairstyle. The school says it wasn't discrimination
37. Biden Taunts House Republicans With 3 Mocking Words On Impeachment Effort
38. Dominican Republic's president stands resolute on his closing of all borders with Haiti
39. A Mississippi jury rules officers justified in fatal 2017 shooting after police went to wrong house
40. 'He just said it on air': Weissmann reacts to Trump's TV confession
41. Squirmy critter seen at wildlife refuge leaves Texans disturbed. ‘Please nooooo’
42. What are the lights placed above traffic signals?
43. Dog thrown from SUV outside NC animal shelter
44. Lots of indoor farms are shutting down as their businesses struggle. So why are more being built?
45. Bankruptcy watch: Another beloved retailer may disappear
46. UAW justifies wage demands by pointing to CEO pay raises. So how high were they?
47. Republican apologises for groping date and vaping in theatre
48. 15 Best Inexpensive Bourbons Under $30 that Don’t Taste Cheap
49. Before my transition, I was a WWE star, weighed 280 pounds, and had 6% body fat. It took a lot of trial and error to get the feminine body I always wanted.
50. 2 Major Social Security Changes Coming in 2024 May Surprise Most Americans